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Discover the joy of learning with the SASKO Sam activity book, which is filled with fun problem-solving puzzles and games that will entertain your little one for hours on end.

Let your kids colour-in the picture of SASKO Sam’s mask.

Download SASKO Sam’s mask here.


SASKO is passionate about providing help and support to our communities, and the SASKO Siyasizana programme is a wonderful demonstration of our care and how we can help each other.

A nationwide project, SASKO Siyasizana seeks to promote a love of reading in children while simultaneously educating them and the communities at large on the benefits of recycling.

Siyasizana means ‘we are helping each other’.

After four years of running the programme in daycares, we made it bigger and better by turning “SASKO bags into books” to help even more children. We ask our communities and schools to collect SASKO bread and flour bags to recycle. In return, they receive specially designed SASKO Sam storybooks and other educational items.

The book series tells the adventures of SASKO Sam and his five loveable friends, Rhino, Buffalo, Lion, Leopard, and Elephant. Each story aims to teach young readers – as well as their teachers and parents – valuable lessons that they can apply to their own lives.

Given that our children are now at home, we wanted to share with them the joy of reading by making the books available online for downloading so they reach more children than ever.

SASKO Sam and friends will continue to touch the hearts of children across our beautiful country and to satisfy each child’s hunger to learn and live well. We hope they enjoy the stories and learn to care for each other, the environment and themselves.