The perfect sandwich is often much more than just a tasty lunch. What kind of sandwich would you like to make?

From your need, these are the sandwiches we think you should pack in your Virtual Lunchbox. Click to pick the sandwich that makes your mouth water.

Fresh watercress crunch with every bite. Low GI bread filled with cranberries.
Packed with protein and Vitamins B3 & B12. Sprinkled with amazing almonds.
With a thick layer of nutrient balanced cream cheese. Sprinkles of ‘blood sugar friendly’ cinnamon
High in protein. Great energy-booster.
The perfect morning kick-start meal
Low in total fats. A creative and delicious flavour-filled combo.
Chocolate-coated surprise. Bananas for energy-friendly carbs.
High in protein. Loaded with low GI.
High protein grilled chicken goodness. High in good fats.

Now for the final touch. Add a note to your child's lunchbox to make sure they know how much you care. Pick a design to customise your note.