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  1. Spread a little mayonnaise onto each slice of bread.
  2. Make 4 sandwiches from the ham and bread.
  3. Using a cookie cutter, cut 4 circular sandwiches from each to give you 16 in total.
  To make the head and legs:
  1. Slice the cucumber lengthways into four even slices.
  2. Cut three of the slices into triangles or blocks to make the feet, leaving 1 slice to make the feelers.
  3. Cut two thin strips from the final slice to make the feelers and set aside.
  4. Cut the top off the radish so that it has a flat edge to stand on, then make two wholes using a knife/skewer in the top for the cucumber feelers.
  5. Cut a piece of white cheese into 2 circles and a half moon for the centipede’s eyes and smile and, using a little mayonnaise, stick them to the radish to make a face.
  6. Insert the two cucumber feelers into the wholes at the top of the radish.
  7. Place onto a long platter and then arrange the circular sandwiches into a snake shape behind the head to make the body.
  8. Use the cucumber triangles/blocks to make the feet on either side of the body.

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