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Hints and Tips

Tip 1 – Steam
When making choux pastry, don’t let all the water evaporate.
Tip 2 – Skewer
Once your choux pastry is done, prick the buns to release the steam. Then turn the oven off and pop them back in to dry out.
Tip 3 – Crisp Base
Heat an oven tray and put any pastry dish onto it for a crisp base and quicker cooking time.
Tip 4 – Bread & Sugar
Prevent moisture from getting into your sugar by putting a slice of bread into the container.
Tip 5 – Cookie Cutter
Pop cookie cutters into SASKO flour before you cut your dough and it will release beautifully.
Tip 6 Icing Sugar
Run out of icing sugar? Make your own with white sugar and corn flour.