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Hints and Tips

Store Fresh Bread in The Freezer
Unless you’re going to eat all the bread you make in one day, it’s probably best that you let it cool to room temperature and then freeze it. After that, you can slice it and toast it and enjoy it at will.
Don’t Use Flour to Knead
The problem with using flour to knead bread is that it ends up messing with the flour to water ratio (2:1). Instead, use olive oil or pan spray on your counter and hands, or a touch of melted butter.
Limit The Flour in Your Dough
Most sandwich bread does best when the ratio of flour to water is 2:1. No matter the size of the bread you’re making, stick to this scale to make sure you always bake beautiful bread.
Piping with Ziploc
If you want to make a cake, but don’t have a piping bag, don’t worry. Find a plastic Ziploc bag (or any other sandwich bag), cut a corner off and use it for all the piping you need to.
Drying Home-Made Pasta
If you like to make home-made pasta, try drying your pasta on a clothes horse the next time you do. With a lovely surface area, the horse allows your pasta to breathe and dry beautifully.
Cool Cakes Upside Down
For easy-to-stack cakes, cool your cakes upside down. By doing so your cake should end up with a wonderfully flat top, making it perfect for you to ice and stack.