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Hints and Tips

Rotate Pans During Baking
If your pans stay stationary while they are in the oven, you won’t get a beautiful even bake. To prevent this, make sure you rotate your bake about two-thirds of the way through your baking time.
Ice it Right!
Are you struggling to get clean lines in your muffin/cake/dessert icing? Dip your icing knife into a little bit of water before you take it to your baked goods and you’re sure to get the lines you’re looking for.
Keep Bread Out of The Fridge
Do you store your bread in the fridge? You really shouldn’t, it speeds up the time it takes for bread to go stale.
Eggs in The Nest
Turn one slice of toast into an entire meal with Eggy in the Nest. To make one, cut a hole in your bread, toast it in a pan, crack an egg in the hole and let it fry. It’s a deliciously different breakfast to look forward to.
Breakfast Soldiers
Make breakfast a little more interesting with breakfast bread soldiers for your family’s boiled eggs. After your bread is toasted, butter it and slice it into quarters for a delicious addition to your dish.
Bread to Bind Us
When you’re making meatballs or hamburgers, a little bread can go a long way. Use it to bind your burger patty or meatballs by adding a little bit of egg and breadcrumbs to your meaty mixture.