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Hints and Tips

Some Sandwich Fun
If inspiration strikes when you’re making your kids school lunch, use cookie cutters to make funny shaped sandwiches. Your kids will burst into laughter when they see their snack and have a great day.
How to Get Your Avo Ripe
If you want to make an avocado sandwich and your avo is too hard to use, it’s not the end of the world. Put it in a bag with a banana and it will ripen in no time.
What To Do with Old Bread
Instead of throwing old, stale bread away, give it new life! Crush it up and turn it into croutons and bread crumbs.
Cut The Curry Fat
The next time you make curry, dispose of the excess oil and fat with a few slices of bread. Lay slices on top of the curry, let them absorb the fat and then throw them out (or feed them to your dog as a treat).
You don’t have to use eggs if you’d prefer not to. Mixing one tablespoon of flaxseed with three tablespoons of water replaces one egg. You’ll add more fibre to the recipe and remove 100% of the cholesterol.
If you’re lactose intolerant, you don’t have to remove milk from your recipes. Almond milk or lactose free milk will do the trick and won’t affect what comes out of the oven.