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“Sasko believes that life should taste great – and this is at the heart of everything we do!”

That’s why SASKO bread & flour can be found in millions of South African homes each day – tickling taste buds and filling stomachs since the first loaf was baked and bag of flour milled as far back as the 1930s.

SASKO uses only the finest ingredients, milled, mixed and baked to tasty perfection. Because SASKO has been around for more than 80 years, it understands the importance of giving South Africans the sustenance they need without compromising on taste. Combined with a national network of world-class Bakeries & Mills all across South Africa, we ensure that you can enjoy locally made, superior quality goods every day.

With complimentary Flour & Bread categories and such rich heritage and history SASKO is definitely the baking expert brand to be trusted. We cater to every kind of taste and type and make sure that everyone is inspired to bake only the best cakes, muffins, scones, pancake, and so much more.

At the forefront of baking and innovation, we’re always looking to improve our brand with the best methods. Our dedicated research and development department ensures that only the most advanced baking processes and milling techniques are adhered to – using the latest technology and equipment. The results shine through in soft, delicious slices of bread and consistently soft and fluffy flour that give every tasty, energy-filled bite a touch of greatness. With SASKO in your basket, life really does taste great!


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